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Picture this.

It’s a hot, brutally humid summer day.  Your kids trounce in from playing outside declaring that they are thirsty.  You go to the kitchen water tap or your refrigerator’s water dispenser and…you get nothing.

There’s no water.  There’s no water and your kids are thirsty.

With mounting desperation, you head to the bathroom and there’s no water in your toilet.  You go searching outside, only to find that your only choice is the dirty water flowing down your street in the gutter.  Or water from a neighbor’s filthy gardening bucket.

Your children are thirsty.

What do you do?

Passports With Purpose Supports

We were just playing pretend in the above scenario.

But this is an everyday reality for parents in Haiti with no access to clean, available water for their thirsty children.  

Make this a reality – clean water for all Haitian children.

Pie in the sky?  That’s not what thinks.


Make this happen.

What is Passports With Purpose?

Passports with Purpose is the travel bloggers’ annual fundraiser for giving back.  We’re in our fourth year; last year we raised over $80,000 and built two libraries in Zambia!

At Passports With Purpose, we believe that the power of travel can change the world.  Do you?

If so, participate in our annual fundraiser, make a donation to bid on cool travel prizes, gear, trips and more.

Even a small amount will help.

We will raise $100,000 this year for to help the children of Haiti.  That amount builds five new wells, each serving an average of 370 people. Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

We are participating in by donating a prize – a really cool piece of travel gear!

Donate your bid and this could be yours – the Magellan eXplorist 710, a $750 GPS that replaces your camera, smartphone and can probably cook your breakfast, too.

Read more about it here.  The winner will receive free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.

The Magellan eXplorist 710 GPS


Not Just a Drop in the Bucket.  Donate now – Click Here.


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