Top 3 Stylish Leather Travel Backpacks For Women

MacCase Premium Leather backpack

Travel Stylishly My picks for the top three stylish leather travel backpacks for women. While negotiating the rigors of the road, it's sometimes the best idea to carry your things on your back, staying hands free. And, personally, I loathe that 70s backpacker look.  Go Bohemian rather than backpacker with a stylish leather travel backpack that will meets your every transport need. Here are my choices for the best, good-looking, practical leather travel backpacks for women gallivanting around Continue Reading

Luxury Hotels on a Budget With TravelPony

Luxury Hotels budget Travel Pony

Book Luxury Hotels On A Budget with TravelPony I just discovered how to book luxury hotels at budget prices at, which offers the lowest rates anywhere, guaranteed. Who wouldn’t want to grab a nightly rate at Miami’s Four Seasons Hotel of $205 instead of $290? Or book the pricey Intercontinental New York Times Square for $283 […]

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Travel Clothing For Women: Boho Fashion On The Road

Boho Fashion

Picture Liz in her silk caftan. Or the very beautiful and tragic Talitha Getty on her Marrakesh rooftop, Jet Set Fashion Icons These quintessential fashion icons represent a lost romantic era of bohemian fashion, decor and lifestyle during the 1960s-70s.  During that time, Boho outposts cropped up around the world as Western Europeans, North Americans, and […]

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Cockpit Confidential: “This Is Your Captain Sleeping”


What’s Going On Inside the Cockpit That We Need to Know About? After reading about July 7th’s tragic Asiana Airlines jet crash, I started to wonder what the heck was the 4-pilot cockpit crew doing during their ill-fated approach.  Checks and crosschecks are required in the cockpit and each Asiana pilot aboard had 10,000-plus hours […]

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Find Your Perfect Backpack with These Six Tips

find your perfect backpack

Find Your Perfect Backpack for Easy, Hands-free Travel Your search for the ideal travel backpack involves more than just good looks.  You’ve got to consider a backpack’s size, padding, comfort, and fit as well as how you’ll use it or carry it when traveling.  To find your perfect backpack for traveling well and saving your […]

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Forget Your Roller Carry-on If Flying American Airlines – Here’s Why

american airlines

  American Airlines is banning your rolling carryon from the cabin.  Here’s the scoop and some solutions. According to a May 16, 2013 Associated Press report, you can board earlier on American Airlines IF you are traveling light.  And wheel-less.  That’s because American Airlines defines ‘light’ as “No rolling suitcases.”  Fellow travel blogger Johnny Jet […]

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